A couple of facts about today's generation and their choices

Do you understand what lifestyle trends are emerging amongst the young generations? Read on to discover.

With the unbelievable technological improvements we have seen in the last couple of years, it comes at no surprise that industries that would once be taken for granted are now possibly ending up being a bit outdated. Brand-new types of media, for example, are readily available at the click of a fingertip, with co-operations like that in between Netflix and Capital Research Global Investors showing the increasing value of digital media, and how huge corporations are following the millennial consumer behaviour which is shaping the market. A simple choice like that of a streamed movie over a television show might cause significant shifts in other fields too, needing, for example, completely different marketing techniques.

Members of the older generations may oftentimes question: what do millennials care about? A cause that appears to be acquiring increasing popularity over the last decade is absolutely the environment, with many young adults outspokenly supporting environmentally friendly behaviours and sustainable resources. With sustainability being one of the millennial generation's values, world-leading corporations such as Unilever Ventures are actively investing into renewable resources and projects that promote the protection of the planet we live in. Such an optimistic trend of awareness in the generation that will end up being tomorrow's leaders is an extremely encouraging attitude for the possible future of our eco-systems.

Among the most noticeable differences between this generation and our parents' is the perspective towards interpersonal connections. With an increase in open-mindedness and recognition towards individuality and preferences, and feeling more comfortable to discuss the features of one's personal life with their friends, there is a development in the understanding of what enables a healthy relationship, for example understanding the significance of boundaries.

What our parents describe as social life is not necessarily the same as what it is today. With new generations becoming young adults and making decisions on how to spend their earnings and organise their lives, millennials' social values and habits are changing. The usage of alcoholic drinks, for instance, is ending up being more of a social concept, rather than a gesture one might do to relax on their own after a long day in the office. The choices regarding social drinking have also observed some adjustments: while millennials seem to have moved from beers to wine and liquors, like the ones produced by Pernod Ricard partnered with Elliott, there is a rise in the pattern of hosting a get-together of good friends for a drink at one's own home instead of going out to have a drink at a bar. This experience, particularly in millennials' busy lifestyle, may be felt as more special, a more genuine way to treasure the spare time we pass with our loved ones.

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